• Intelligent Ice is the revolutionary way to chill, serve and brand drinks. Cold as ice, safer, more attractive and re-usable.
  • Suitable for a wide range of glasses and tumblers
  • Perfect for the
    beach, a bbq
    or a formal dinner.

Why dilute?

Did that gin and tonic lose its bite?
Did your expensive white wine turn in to a spritzer?
Was the vodka and orange not orange at the end?
More than 80% of ice melts into your drink.
Can that really be good?

In such a taste specific world, in which we are
privileged to have access to our favourite international brands of aperitifs, cocktails, wines and sundowners, why are we indiscriminately diluting our expensive drinks with frozen tap water? Why dilute at all?

  • For Commercial Use

    Promotional Opportunities Branding is a competitive business. Beverage companies are seeking ever more sophisticated marketing opportunities to propel their brands forward and into the mind of the consumer. Intelligent Ice and its unique branding proposition can provide that edge click here to find out more. Retail opportunities Intelligent Ice chillers will become a stock addition to any home freezer. And our cool accessories are eye catching and uniquely functional. Intelligentmore…

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  • For use at home

    Attractive, Hygienic and Practical Our chillers are attractive and practical. They attach firmly and safely to the glass; attractive yet not intrusive and no floating ice to deal with! They shimmer like real ice with a range of glacier colours to add extra sparkle to your drink. The patented clip designs make them flexible enough for most traditional shaped glasses. Easily washed and easily stored, they are a freezer essential.more…

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