For Commercial Use

Promotional Opportunities

Branding is a competitive business. Beverage companies are seeking ever more sophisticated marketing opportunities to propel their brands forward and into the mind of the consumer. Intelligent Ice and its unique branding proposition can provide that edge click here to find out more.

Retail opportunities

Intelligent Ice chillers will become a stock addition to any home freezer. And our cool accessories are eye catching and uniquely functional. Intelligent Ice adds an exciting new brand to retail space and online merchandisers. For more information click here.

On Premises use opportunities

Are you looking for new ways to serve drinks and improve the presentation? Are you sick of ice and icemakers? Do you host functions, events and drinks launches? Are you wanting to look after the wellbeing of your clientele by serving top quality drinks without overwhelming them with ice? If so contact us to discuss some cool ideas.

Opportunities for your brand

Hotel groups, cruise ships, vineyards, restaurant chains, nightclubs and airlines: intelligent ice can work with you to brand your customer hospitality. Contacts us to discuss the opportunities.