Why Dilute?

Today consumers are more brand aware than ever before. ‘House wines’ and ‘dry whites’ are out. Aromatics, Pinot Gris and New World Sauvignons are in. Premium brands of triple distilled and cold filtered gin and vodka are being requested and even mixers are chosen with care.
Do these drinks really merit ice, or have we become creatures of the bizarre habit of dilution?

  • Ice is a flawed product:
  • Small cubes chill too fast
  • They also melt and dilute faster
  • Crushed ice is the worst for dilution
  • Ice cubes will pick up all of the flavours floating in your fridge

Health and Safety Issues with Ice

And then there are the health and safety issues Contamination of ice can result from poor cleaning and maintenance of ice machines and containers used for serving ice.

In unfamiliar locations and even at home we have become totally familiar with drinking bottled water, but what do we do about ice? In developing countries the problem is exasperated with poor quality water and the increased presence of bacteria.

Cool Economics

Intelligent Ice is commercially better too.

  • Ice is not reusable and ice wastage is huge.
  • Ice making is expensive and ice makers regularly break down.
  • Hygiene guidelines for working with ice are rarely adhered to.

Intelligent Ice provides a reusable hygienic alternative
No ice-buckets to wash, no customer complaints about ‘thin’ drinks
No ice-makers to clean and no end of session puddles on the bar.

The Intelligent Ice Solution?

Our Solution is simple. If you are convinced diluting opens up the flavours, don’t let an anonymous stack of ice do the job. Use an Intelligent Ice chiller and ask your barman to splash in a small amount of mineral water to your cocktail and know exactly what you are drinking!