For use at home

Attractive, Hygienic and Practical

Our chillers are attractive and practical. They attach firmly and safely to the glass; attractive yet not intrusive and no floating ice to deal with! They shimmer like real ice with a range of glacier colours to add extra sparkle to your drink. The patented clip designs make them flexible enough for most traditional shaped glasses. Easily washed and easily stored, they are a freezer essential.

Chillers come with a ready to use ice tray which doubles-up as travel cases; great for taking your own chill on holiday, to the beach house or boat.

Effective at Chilling

Why dilute a great drink? CHILLBALL is designed to keep pre-chilled wine at the perfect temperature. CHILLROCKS and CHILLSTACK impart a serious chill to any tumbler or long drink; cold as ice with none of the diluting effects. As they are reusable you will never be short of ice.

Health and Safety

Intelligent Ice is clean and hygienic. Made in food grade polymers and dishwasher safe, it’s safe and especially useful in regions where water and ice cannot be trusted. Insist your local bar stocks Intelligent Ice! In any establishment, ice is only as clean as the bucket it is stored in. In hot climates the problem is exasperated by rapidly melting ice and the increased presence of bacteria. Now you can take take your own chill away with you!