Q & A’s

Where to buy?

Please take a look at our ‘where to buy page’ or click here for contact details in your region or email info@intelligentice.com and we will put you in touch with your regional distributor who will be able to tell you where you can buy locally.

Can I purchase directly from Intelligent Ice?

We have appointed agents and distributors who service the retail outlets carrying Intelligent Ice products. We do not retail directly.

Can I purchase over the internet?

Some of our retailers do have websites where internet purchases are possible. Additionally some of our products feature on www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk

Are Intelligent Ice chillers safe to use?

Yes! Our products are made in food safe materials and our chillers are filled with non-toxic gel. The flexible clip means that there is no floating ‘ice’ to deal with.

Are Intelligent Ice products dishwasher safe?

Yes, top shelf recommended. But to protect the crystal clarity of our products we recommend hand washing as often as possible. Repeated dishwashing will eventually haze even the highest quality and most resilient plastics.

Use and Care

If you have any further questions, you can down the Use and Care booklets in the CHILLERS section.

email us at info@intelligentice.com with additional questions you may have